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These are redesigns for the Pride flag for the sake of inclusion.

The background contains the common colors of various Pride flags of the trans community since they form the backbone of our community. The striped colors in front are the conglomeration of the rainbow and bi pride flags, which contain the common colors of Pride flags in the queer/LGB+ spectrum. In front is the violet intersex symbol, which holds various icons that contain Black and Brown stripes to represent the Black and Brown people who are often at the forefront of the actions pivotal to liberation for the entire community.

This is representation and recognition without strict coercion, where Black and Brown people are recognized for what we’ve done for the community and what our forebears did to liberate us all.

The main flags are the heartbeat (for obvious reasons), the fist, and the upside-down triangle designs. I also included icons for various subsets of the queer/trans/intersex/LGBTQ+ community, such as neurodiverse, Jewish, and Muslim QTI/LGBTQ+ folks.

Let me know about your thoughts on the design, if you please, and give any solid, useful critiques. Thanks.

For more information on usage or just in general, go to https://pride.qti.world

Big thanks to queerwitchqueenofcolor for the inspiration for these designs!

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