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January 17 2018

Defining LBGTQ+ Terms


Hi friends! I’m collecting informal definitions of LGBTQ+ terminology to help curious gaybies and allies!

Pls help me out by picking a word and telling me what it means to you and/or where it came from. These words can be anything! WLW, sapphic, nb, fag – words you use, words you don’t use – just explain why.

The goal is to see what people define the most, and to get multiple definitions for some words, so don’t stress about which words are already defined.

ty for your help!! <3 and spread the word (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

December 08 2017

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The #snow was so pretty coming down in #houston overnight but then I remembered I was supposed to be studying for #finalsweek 😿

October 11 2017

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Since it’s World Mental Health Day today and National Coming Out Day tomorrow maybe I should walk you through my diagnosis from the end of 2012.

Y’all already know I’m autistic which is the 299.80 part (both PDD-NOS and Asperger’s were considered autism at the time).

Now with 309.28 (depression and anxiety), I lied to the psychologist and didn’t tell her that I was gay (I came out the next year though) and how being in the closet adversely affected my mental health, it turned out to be the right decision since the therapist I was with for a few months told me that “I would make a woman happy some day” about 20 minutes after I told him I’m gay.

An adjustment disorder basically means temporary, but I still get this shit to this day.


301.9 is PD-NOS, which pretty much means I have symptoms from different personality disorders (e.g. obsessive compulsive, schizoid) so it’s just best to say I have a personality disorder in general.

But what’s a personality disorder? It’s given to you if you exhibit behavior that isn’t “normal” (schizoid means aloof for instance and not schizophrenic) so “normal” people think there’s something wrong with you and don’t wanna be friends and shit 😕 Which lead to the peer relational problems 🤷🏽‍♂️

And the 60 means it’s not a 100 so y’all gotta make up for the 40 😏

But yeah, this is just my view of what these mean, I’ve come to terms with accepting who I am and managing the depression and anxiety as they come.

August 29 2017

Taken just before sunset #harvey keeps giving us relentless wind and rain (at Walnut Creek Community)

August 28 2017

Just taken a few minute ago when power was restored from #tsharvey, apparently nearly an inch of raining in the past hour

August 26 2017

Crept up to 24 mph sustained winds and 34 mph gusts, I’m just glad the tornado didn’t materialize, the warning’s over. (at Walnut Creek Community)

June 12 2017

Pulse (a poem)



But It
Our Hope
So Came:

The Start
Of Change

Did we sin?
Feared by kin
We were in
Peace within.

Queer and Trans,
Black and Brown –
Hate entrenched
Scorn renown.

Dead queer bodies
With melanin
And martyred by
The fear within.

He terrorized
And fantasized
The genocide.

Loud, rattled and dazed
In dark, clouded haze
They hid as they gazed
Amidst their last days.

Queer, Trans, day-to-day,
Of our condition.
Now these bodies lay…

April 28 2017

How Ellen Helped Me Come Out — YOURLS


How Ellen Helped Me Come Out

April 09 2017

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43 weeks ago to this day, 49 people were brutally murdered and 53 more were injured at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. This was the worst mass shooting in the recent history of the United States of America. While we are still trying to figure out the causes of this heinous act, there is no doubt that both #homophobia (on the part of the attacker) and #islamaphobia (that he would have experienced) played huge roles in the eventual execution of such an act.

Less than five months later, segments in America united to elect a man who vowed to ensure that the climate of hope and change that we, as a society, have become accustomed to would disappear, encouraging not only Islamaphobia and homophobia with his views, but downright bigotry (to say the least).

I created this piece in honor of the 49 souls we lost at #pulse and to honor the 53 survivors still within our broader community. In the #queer #lgbt community, they will forever be remembered, their legacy will remain. Despite acts of hatred, uncertainty and difficult times, these 49 human beings are our martyrs and their memory will strengthen us. And, in the same way, the 53 survivors of injuries and other survivors will forever remain a part of our sacred community.

In this work, 49 shapes in black and 49 pulses represent our lost loved ones. 53 independently placed white shapes represent those who bore the burden of attack, yet survived and are still members and allies of our queer/trans communities. Together, they create a heart, to symbolize the love that we will always carry with us, the love that conquers all of the hatred that contributed to this attack. They are set in a background I created with the colors of the Pride flag.

Thank you for reading this, and seeing my tribute to these beautiful souls, as a queer person of color, I appreciate your solidarity with the #qtipoc #qtpoc #qpoc and overall queer community.

#wearepulse #weareorlando #queerandproud #ink #coloredpencil #abstract #art

April 01 2017

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Trying to get back into my #art lol, at least in the #weekend 😊
This time it’s back to #colorful #abstract #expressive work 😍😻

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By the way, welcome to my #abstract #colorful #wonderful #creative #world ☺

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#ink #micronpen #art #weekend #abstract #abstractart

March 20 2017

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More angles of “The Colonial Industry”

#art #decolonize #artwork #melanin #colonial #foundobject #ink #gouache #intersectionality #contemporaryart #modernart #anticapitalism #antiracism

March 19 2017

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“The Colonial Industry”, my #creative #intersectional #critique of #capitalism (in particular, the #oil industry) and how it profits off #colonialism and the various systems of power established by #whitesupremacy

I #decolonize my art, please #decolonizeyourmind

Created with #foundobject (rocks and snail shells) #ink and #gouache on #recycled #cardboard

March 17 2017

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“Erasure”, alludes to the role of white supremacy in destroying native cultures and societies to give way to western institutions and colonial mentality among countries, communities, and people of color.

March 12 2017

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#abstract #recycled #art with #colorfield and abstract shapes created wholly with #ink and #gouache on two #cardboard paper towel tubes 😇 The different pictures are all of the same #recycledart piece captured from different angles.

March 11 2017

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With my #mind and in my #art the #conceptual meets #abstract meets #realism 😇 This is simply who I am as an #artist 😸 Whether I’m using #ink or #gouache or any other #media

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#conceptualart here that I call “The Creative Process”, with #gouache #ink and #water 😉 This was also the #pallette I used for a previous #painting 😁But the #art is all about the #concept right?

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Rise up and lift others with you. Rise up and lift the world with you. #ink #gouache #drawing and #painting ☺

March 10 2017

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Earlier in the week I tried to make something #conceptual as a work of art, using a few tiny #readymade pieces I had handy and making something pretty #minimalist in comparison to my usual #art 😊

I call this one “Consent”.

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