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January 01 2020

These are all of my 2019 art composed mostly of drawings Being sick for most of the year was difficult and I hope 2020 gives me better health, but I will say, I’ve been able to do much more than I thought. 🤗🤗🤗

June 30 2019


For the last day of Pride month, here’s another release of these same inclusive pride flag redesigns. I hope that, at some point in the future, these will be more widely used to represent the queer, trans and intersex communities that I love so much to unify us and liberate us against the constructs of cisheteronormativity and to honor the queer, trans and intersex people of color who have been so instrumental to improving queer, trans and intersex visibility.

Go to https://pride.qti.world for more information.

June 28 2019


In memory of the 50th anniversary of Stonewall, I’m re-releasing this set of Pride flags to honor the Black and Brown trans and queer femme people who spearheaded the fight for queer and trans rights so that the rest of our community can have the rights that we now have.

For more information, go to https://pride.qti.world





look again

June 19 2019


Happy Autistic Pride Day everyone! This is for the fellow queer/trans/intersex autistics out there.

June 13 2019

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“Don’t call Trump supporters nazis, it hurts their feelings.”

Yes, this is real (link to tweet). Yes, Tucker Carlson is literally repeating Nazi propaganda that aided the genocide of the Romani during the Holocaust. Yes, I am furious. 

(Also, although there is a large population of Romani in Romania, they aren’t indigenous to Romania. They’re a diasporic group originally from northern India.)

Romani and Jewish have been screaming at the top of their lungs for years about neo-fascism in Europe, and Americans were totally aloof.

Then neo-fascism reared its head in America, but Roma and Jews were left out of the conversation in terms of people being impacted, because our oppression was “over.”

Now Tucker Carlson is on live TV using slurs and Nazi propaganda about Romani people, and I’m 90% most people on the left are just going to ignore it.

It’s fucking starting y'all. It’s happening again.

If you’re not Jewish or Roma PLEASE BOOST THIS.

and it should be pointed the word being used by tucker carlson here that starts with a g is a slur for romani people and should not be used 

tag the g slur, especially if you’re not rromani


These are redesigns for the Pride flag for the sake of inclusion.

The background contains the common colors of various Pride flags of the trans community since they form the backbone of our community. The striped colors in front are the conglomeration of the rainbow and bi pride flags, which contain the common colors of Pride flags in the queer/LGB+ spectrum. In front is the violet intersex symbol, which holds various icons that contain Black and Brown stripes to represent the Black and Brown people who are often at the forefront of the actions pivotal to liberation for the entire community.

This is representation and recognition without strict coercion, where Black and Brown people are recognized for what we’ve done for the community and what our forebears did to liberate us all.

The main flags are the heartbeat (for obvious reasons), the fist, and the upside-down triangle designs. I also included icons for various subsets of the queer/trans/intersex/LGBTQ+ community, such as neurodiverse, Jewish, and Muslim QTI/LGBTQ+ folks.

Let me know about your thoughts on the design, if you please, and give any solid, useful critiques. Thanks.

For more information on usage or just in general, go to https://pride.qti.world

Big thanks to queerwitchqueenofcolor for the inspiration for these designs!

QTI Pride

June 03 2019

March 17 2019


The first porn filmed in space might happen in our lifetime


March 15 2019



Did anyone else’s undiagnosed depression when they were young manifest in terrible dental hygiene that haunts you to this day or was that just a me thing

I am shocked and relieved by how relatable this is

Definitely relatable. I’ve never had the best dental hygiene and still haven’t improved much in adulthood. I usually use mouthwash and call it a day and it’s really sad. I’ve been good this week up to today when I forgot to brush my teeth at all.

March 14 2019


sometimes i hate tumblr but then one of you posts a picture of a little cow with curly hair. and i remember why im here.

January 17 2018

Defining LBGTQ+ Terms


Hi friends! I’m collecting informal definitions of LGBTQ+ terminology to help curious gaybies and allies!

Pls help me out by picking a word and telling me what it means to you and/or where it came from. These words can be anything! WLW, sapphic, nb, fag – words you use, words you don’t use – just explain why.

The goal is to see what people define the most, and to get multiple definitions for some words, so don’t stress about which words are already defined.

ty for your help!! <3 and spread the word (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

December 08 2017

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The #snow was so pretty coming down in #houston overnight but then I remembered I was supposed to be studying for #finalsweek 😿

October 11 2017

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Since it’s World Mental Health Day today and National Coming Out Day tomorrow maybe I should walk you through my diagnosis from the end of 2012.

Y’all already know I’m autistic which is the 299.80 part (both PDD-NOS and Asperger’s were considered autism at the time).

Now with 309.28 (depression and anxiety), I lied to the psychologist and didn’t tell her that I was gay (I came out the next year though) and how being in the closet adversely affected my mental health, it turned out to be the right decision since the therapist I was with for a few months told me that “I would make a woman happy some day” about 20 minutes after I told him I’m gay.

An adjustment disorder basically means temporary, but I still get this shit to this day.


301.9 is PD-NOS, which pretty much means I have symptoms from different personality disorders (e.g. obsessive compulsive, schizoid) so it’s just best to say I have a personality disorder in general.

But what’s a personality disorder? It’s given to you if you exhibit behavior that isn’t “normal” (schizoid means aloof for instance and not schizophrenic) so “normal” people think there’s something wrong with you and don’t wanna be friends and shit 😕 Which lead to the peer relational problems 🤷🏽‍♂️

And the 60 means it’s not a 100 so y’all gotta make up for the 40 😏

But yeah, this is just my view of what these mean, I’ve come to terms with accepting who I am and managing the depression and anxiety as they come.

August 29 2017

Taken just before sunset #harvey keeps giving us relentless wind and rain (at Walnut Creek Community)

August 28 2017

Just taken a few minute ago when power was restored from #tsharvey, apparently nearly an inch of raining in the past hour

August 26 2017

Crept up to 24 mph sustained winds and 34 mph gusts, I’m just glad the tornado didn’t materialize, the warning’s over. (at Walnut Creek Community)

June 12 2017

Pulse (a poem)



But It
Our Hope
So Came:

The Start
Of Change

Did we sin?
Feared by kin
We were in
Peace within.

Queer and Trans,
Black and Brown –
Hate entrenched
Scorn renown.

Dead queer bodies
With melanin
And martyred by
The fear within.

He terrorized
And fantasized
The genocide.

Loud, rattled and dazed
In dark, clouded haze
They hid as they gazed
Amidst their last days.

Queer, Trans, day-to-day,
Of our condition.
Now these bodies lay…

April 28 2017

How Ellen Helped Me Come Out — YOURLS


How Ellen Helped Me Come Out

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